Posted by: instanthausfrau | April 24, 2009

20 Weeks: Halfway there and Already Insane.

Insanity. There is no other explanation for my recent behavior, be it tearing apart rooms of our house so that I may dust every individual object or spending hours on the boxed lunch for my picky-eater Moon and her friend to have on a playdate today.

Bentos for Picky Eaters

Yes, there are plenty of amazing bento makers on the web, dazzling you with their amazing creations (just start browsing here to get a start), but this is me doing this. You know, the one who can’t be bothered to use moisturizer because it takes too long to put on and who has that kind of time anyways? (And for the curious, the picky eater is having egg, star-and-bear shaped rice balls, broccoli with soy sauce to make it disgusting edible, and the small flowers are cut out of cheddar cheese.)

20 Weeks pregnant seems a little early to have so thoroughly lost my marbles, but maybe these things happen sooner with twins?



  1. Oh please come make my lunch now! Too cute! And I feel the same way about moisturizer!

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