Posted by: instanthausfrau | May 15, 2009

Dreams of Summer Interupted

One day of sunny weather, and I run to the Seattle Parks & Rec schedule to see what’s happening with wading pools this Summer. Which is where I found this:

Seattle Parks and Recreation will operate 14 wading pool sites in the summer of 2009, rather than the usual 25, because of the need to complete federally required safety improvements required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

Basic gist: Congress passed an act requiring new drain covers and anti-entrapment devices be installed on any public pool. According to the parks, the subsequent nationwide demand for these new covers is at the heart of the reduced pool operations this Summer. So, the details:

On June 20th, opening day, only four pools will open from 11a.m. – 8p.m.: Green Lake Park, Volunteer Park, Lincoln Park, and Van Asselt Playground.

Monday, June 22, East Queen Anne Playground and South Park Playground will open (noon – 7p.m.).

Eight more pools will open as work is completed on them, with a tentative schedule as follows:

Cal Anderson Park–Saturday, June 29
Wallingford Playground–Monday, July 1
Dahl Playground–Saturday, July 6
Delridge Playfield–Wednesday, July 8
Hiawatha Playfield Monday, July 20
E.C. Hughes Playground—Mon., July 27
Bitter Lake Playfield—Wed., July 29
View Ridge Playfield–Monday, August 3

Open Now: The Spray Water Features at Ballard Commons Park and Miller Playfield, should the nice weather actually continue for a bit.

Read the full PDF file here.



  1. Not cool! My favorite cheap summer activity is thwarted! Well, at least there are a couple in reasonable proximity to my house. Sigh…

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