Posted by: instanthausfrau | May 20, 2009

Unwraping the Diaper Issue (Again)

Diapering. I was so happy to see you go. And this time around all I can think is, “this must be that ‘twice the fun’ folks talk about with twins”.

When Moon was first born, and through her first year, we used cloth diapers (specifically, these), despite having water pressure that meant no other water could be used while laundry was going (my high falutin’ ideas about being able to flush the toilet or wash dishes is what ultimately did our cloth days in). The diapers themselves worked well, and as Moon outgrew whatever size we were in, we would be able to sell the old ones on local parenting groups and recoup some of the costs (somehow, no one has ever wanted to buy her old disposable diapers).

In the meantime, not only have we managed to fix our water pressure issues, but the world of non-disposable diapers has expanded into a dizzying array of choices, all with horrendously ‘cute’ names.

Cloth diapering can seem intimidating as you begin to learn the language — do you want a pocket diaper or a prefold, or pehaps just a fitted with cover? How about sizing — buy a one-size diaper and hope it lasts through your child’s diapering years, or pay for each batch of “sized” diapers and have a better fit but incur more costs? Snaps or velcro closures? What kind of inserts/doubles/liners will get you through the night, and what is stripping and why do I need to do it?

For Seattle families, a great place to start has been Babies Bottom Line, a sort of cloth diapering emporium run by local mom Susan Cavanaugh. Sleep deprived new parent that I was (is there any other kind?), her home delivery of a large stack of diapers and willingness to answer my questions about them were a godsend. While I can’t find information on local delivery on her site anymore, this article from May of 08 says she still delivers, and those looking to curb their costs can opt for pick up to skip any shipping charges.

Another resource for exploring cloth diapers is Birth and Beyond, with stores in Madrona and Fremont. They do not carry the variety of diapers you’ll find at Babies Bottom Line or other online retailers, but do give you the chance to check out the diapers in person before you commit to buying (and would love to sell you a sling or three and some other new-baby gear while you’re there).

Anyone who has been diapering more recently want to weigh in? I’m leaning towards a combination of pocket diapers/g-diapers, but I’m happy to hear what the more recently experienced have to say about it.


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