Posted by: instanthausfrau | June 2, 2009

2009 Outdoor Movies in Seattle


A continuation of last year’s Summer Movie Roundup, I’ll come back and edit this as more films are announced (I’m looking at you, Marymoor Park!). Most are free, though check individual venue pages linked below for the specifics on show times (generally, at dusk) and any pricing information. Here’s what 2009 has to offer:

Saturday, June 20th | Mamma Mia! “Sing-Along” [PG-13] | Fremont

Saturday, June 27th | Edward Scissorhands [PG-13] | Fremont

Friday, July 3rd | Shaun of the Dead [R] Red, White, & Dead Independence Day Zombie Party | Fremont

Tuesday, July 7th | Hotel for Dogs [PG] |Bellevue

Saturday, July 11th | Pee-wee’s Big Adventure [PG] | Fremont

Tuesday, July 14th | Bride Wars [PG] | Bellevue

Saturday, July 18th | Army of Darkness [R] | Fremont

Saturday, July 18th | The Princess Bride [PG] | West Seattle

Monday, July 20th | The Big Lebowski [R] | Fremont

Tuesday, July 21st | Secondhand Lions [PG] | Bellevue

Saturday, July 25th | Die Hard [R] | Fremont

Saturday, July 25th | King Kong (1933) | West Seattle

Tuesday, July 28th | The Express [PG] | Bellevue

Wednesday, July 29th | Coraline [PG] | Marymoor Park

Saturday, August 1st | Legally Blonde [PG-13] | Fremont

Saturday, August 1st | The Princess Bride [PG] | Seattle Center

Saturday, August 1st | Footloose (1933) | West Seattle

Tuesday, August 4th | Monsters Vs. Aliens [PG] | Bellevue

Wednesday, August 5th | The Muppet Movie [G] | Marymoor Park

Saturday, August 8th | The Godfather [R] | Fremont

Saturday, August 8th | National Treasure [PG] | West Seattle

Tuesday, August 11th | Kung Fu Panda [PG] | Bellevue

Wednesday, August 12th | The Spiderwick Chronicles [PG] | Marymoor Park

Saturday August 15th | Some Like It Hot [PG-13] | Fremont

Saturday, August 15th | Grease [PG] | Seattle Center

Saturday, August 15th | Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl [PG-13] | West Seattle

Tuesday, August 18th | Ghost Busters [PG] | Bellevue

Wednesday, August 19th | The Goonies [PG] | Marymoor Park

Saturday, August 22nd | E.T. [PG] | Fremont

Saturday, August 22nd | Iron Man [PG-13] | Seattle Center

Saturday, August 22nd | Cars [G] | West Seattle

Tuesday, August 25th | Back to the Future [PG] | Bellevue

Friday, August 28th | Kung-Fu Panda [PG] | Seattle Center

Saturday, August 29th | Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark [PG] | Fremont

Saturday, August 29th | Mamma Mia! [PG-13] | Seattle Center

Saturday, September 12th | Animal House [R] | Fremont


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