Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 11, 2009

Seafair Pirates Landing 2009: 60 Years of Seafair!

Sandbar & high tide mades it more of a wade-in this year

Pirates storm the beach!

Menacing the crowd...

Pirates make kids happy!

It was a great landing, starting with Moon waking us this morning by singing to herself, “Seafair Pirates Landing Today!” If I could wake to happy child singing everyday, the world would be a glorious place.

At 31 weeks into this twin pregnancy, I move very slow. Needless to say, we were fashionably late and parking was impossible. The Husband dropped us off and went to park, and Moon and I went to find a spot on the beach (around 11:45am or so). While we waited for the pirates to land, Moon was quite happy to throw rocks, collect seashell-bits, and admire the various ships sailing by (including the Lady Washington).

Once the pirates were ashore (closer to 1pm this year), it was off to meet, greet, and beg for treasure. The pirates have new Pirate Cards for this year (think baseball cards), and Moon ran from pirate to pirate shouting “Excuse me, do you have a card?” A proud moment for us was when she spied a pirate crossing the street, and yelled after him desperately, but stayed with us (certain very warm places must have frozen over). That she managed the self-control was amazing to us, and we caught up with him to get a pirate card shortly thereafter.

Lots of time on the pirate-themed inflatables to cap things off, and we eventually peeled away. While the break with bedrest was verboten, and meant I couldn’t follow Moon on her adventures or snap the million pictures I would want to, the time just sitting outside and soaking up the atmosphere was a much needed break from the four walls of my living room. The Pirate Landing remains one of my favorite quintessentially Seattle traditions, and I was glad to catch this one, on the 60th year.

The Lady Washington towers over the smaller ships...

View more photos on Flickr here, or go check out the always excellent West Seattle Blog coverage.


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