Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 13, 2009

3 Review Sites in Review

Consumer Search | Think “rotten tomatoes” but for everything else. Compiles results from Consumer Reports and other sources, and offers “best of” lists in various categories. As someone who is looking at trying to fit three car seats into her car in the near future, their car ratings have suddenly become most important.

Motherproof | More with the automobile fixation, and the reviews here are actually part of the sources sighted on Consumer Search, but still a good read. Highly subjective (because aren’t we all) road tests by moms, with true stories of small-child button pushing, car seat installation, and everything else you want to know before bringing a vehicle home.

Common Sense Media | Rates childrens books, movies, websites, games and more. You can search by age range, or look up a specific item to check for objectionable content. Everything is rated for Violence, Sex, Language, Consumerism, & Drinking, drugs, & smoking. There are notes next to each to explain what the reviewer found, and even discussion ideas at the end of the page to help get a conversation between parent and child started. Also includes their recommended age range for the item in question, but you know your child best.



  1. Okay, so when you post something like Commonsensemedia I of course have to test our debates about age-appropriateness of movies.

    For Willow: you’re right, they say not until older; age 8.

    Then again, that’s the exact same age they list for Princess Bride, Labyrnth, Star Wars, and even the Lego Star Wars game. Both recent Narnia movies are rated even higher, at 9 and 10.

    Harry Potter movies go 7,8, and then higher.

    …and the Dark Crystal? Just at 7. Neener!

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