Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 22, 2009

Lullaby Moon X: Gasworks Park

Lullaby Moon:  Seattle Art in the Parks

Lullaby Moon: Seattle Art in the Parks

Marking this occasion means I have survived a month of bed rest, for the magical and whimsical Lullaby Moon is coming again tonight! The performance is scheduled to begin around 8:15pm on kite hill in Gasworks Park, and looks to be worth staying up past bedtime for! (Their web page does note, however, that, “Those with early bedtimes are welcome to attend any part of the performance.”) You can view a few photos from their performance a month ago in Seward park here.

The shows, which began in October of 2008, play each month on the new moon and will end on October 18th this year. Friends who have made it have said nothing but good things about it, and I urge anyone not being confined to their couch to make it out for what looks to be a magical event.

Lullaby Moon X
Gasworks Park, Kite Hill
2101 N. Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103


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