Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 19, 2009

Back-to-School Bandwagon

Quick disclaimer note: if I am recommending products/services/what have you, I’m not being in any way paid to do it. I just think they are neat/good/worth supporting.

The Cool Mom Picks Back To School Guide is out, and as always full of great things you wish came in grown-up sizes. While the pricing is sometimes scary to me, the folks at CMP are always good about getting discount codes where they can.

Of local note: Included in this year’s recommendations are See Kai Run‘s shoes (yay Seattle company!), as well as the Fall collection from Livie and Luca, which can be found at the wonderful Buggy in Madrona (and hey! I notice Buggy now offers online shopping too! No Fall shoes online yet, though).

The German tradition of Schultüte, giant paper cones filled with school supplies and gifts for the first day, is a charming one that more and more people seem to be adopting. Alpha Mom has instructions for making one here, should your child be so lucky. Google image search really shows a great variety, should you be looking for decorative inspiration.

Not feeling quite so crafty? You can buy a Schultüte unfilled here, and your choice of filled-or-unfilled here

Martha Stewart offers a selection of back to school crafts on her website, mostly involving printable PDF files you customize for your family’s needs.

Get inspired on the lunch-making front by checking out the elaborate Japanese-style box lunches at the Bento Challenge livejournal community. While my daughter will still ignore carrots, even if cut into pretty flower shapes, I love looking at what other folks are doing. I’ve also really enjoyed the sample school lunches from around the globe posted on Vegan Lunchbox.

I’ve mentioned them before, but in these uncertain times it’s more important than ever to go back to school with Project Cool, a non-profit organization that gives backpacks full of school supplies to children in Seattle/King County homeless shelters. These are kids without homes, often families who are fleeing Domestic Violence, who otherwise don’t have supplies to get them through the school year. This program does amazingly important work, and it makes a real difference in the lives of so many kids. (I’ll update this post to add more specific donation information for this year’s Project Cool as soon as I hear back from their offices).

Keep your sense of humor intact this school year. The Onion offers important back to school tips for parents in this article from ’99, such as this gem:

# Underfeed your child so he or she will become skinny and awkward. The child will then pursue academia instead of sports and social channels.

First day of School for Seattle Public Schools is September 9th, 2009; a mere 3 weeks away. Where did the Summer go?


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