Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 21, 2009

Quick Link Round Up

Older Sigg bottles contain BPA — yuck! And yet another reason to shop Buggy, which stocks the BPA free Kleen Kanteens (I swear, I am not on Buggy’s payroll).

Feeling Crafty? One week free trial at the Commercial Pattern Archive started on the 19th, and ends the 25th. Login with username: guest and the password: pattern, then look forward to printing any of the amazing vintage patterns they have scanned.

Ponyo is getting good reviews92% on Rotten Tomatoes — and with it’s G rating promises to be excellant family entertainment from Totoro‘s creator. Seattle Showtimes here.

In food news, Mom-101 talks about companies making the switch from High Fructose Corn Syrup, while Paola at MirrorMirror shows off another joint baking project with the Minx — Lemon Frosted Pistachio Cake, and for those having to do Gluten Free, my gluten-intolerant sister highly recommends Udi’s Foods. And I quote, “I just pulled one of their cinnamon buns right out the fridge and ate it. Hot damn it was good. No heating it to make it edible–THIS is what gluten-free should be!”


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