Posted by: instanthausfrau | February 8, 2010

An Open Letter to My Daughter, age 5 1/4.

Dear Moon,

Someday, you will discover the amazing foods that are there for the trying in this world. You will try curries and soups, vegetables and fruits and spices, roasted and steamed and baked and raw delicacies; there are so many wonders of taste to explore! That day is obviously not today.

Someday, your family will sit down to have dinner, and we will laugh and enjoy each others’ company while we eat. You will not burst into tears at the thought of having to try a bite of something new. Because of this, The Husband will not scream and rail at you before leaving the table in black cloud of fury. That day is obviously not today.

Someday, your “picky eating” will be a distant phase that we laugh about. You will be agog at all the things you didn’t try, and wonder whatever stopped you. That day is obviously not today.

Today, I poured my heart and soul into our dinner. I started my preparation for this meal days ago, when I began reading you books extolling the virtues of Southern cuisine. Ah, the tastes of my youth. I made the banana pudding with layers of vanilla wafers, just like the picture you exclaimed over in your picture book. You were so excited to see the pudding when you came home from preschool! You helped make everything else on the table, and couldn’t wait for the fresh biscuits to be done. I did not expect you to embrace your bite of collard greens with any enthusiasm; I was shocked, however, when the concept of fried chicken had you weeping and wailing in your seat. Tears in your eyes, you cried out that you needed your mama’s lap to try a bite of the food you had only an hour earlier so gleefully helped prepare.

You hated fried chicken, child.

At least you saved the spit-take for the collard greens. I am agog that you didn’t even like sweet tea, and am forced to question whether we share any genetic material whatsoever.

I was a picky eater once, and I remember those same feelings you are experiencing now (the fear, the revulsion at some of those textures in your mouth). In some ways, this makes it worse as I know now how wrong I was to turn away from so many wonderful foods.

Someday, you will figure out that you cannot subsist on a strictly carbohydrate diet. Your body needs things to eat besides biscuits, rice, oatmeal, popcorn, crackers, toast, and tortillas. That day is obviously not today.

…but could it please be tomorrow?

With love,

Your Mom



  1. This is lovely!

  2. I was a very picky eater for a looong time but now eat most anything. We are now going through the picky stage w R and it’s so agravating and I have to remind myself that it will pass. Grrrr…

  3. I feel for you! We were just in Texas this weekend and ate at a southern-style restaurant. I got to indulge in black-eyed peas, garlic cheese grits and turnip greens. I ordered banana pudding for Malcolm and he only ate the whipped cream and cookies. I tried to tempt him with the grits and beans, but he wasn’t having any of it. Funny thing is, he will eat the grits I cook and will eat black beans and refried beans.

  4. I love this post! I am having a battle weaning my son at the moment. Both his parents are real foodies and I don’t understand why he is so against anything but milk! This too shall pass….

  5. hi….ni andri yang pernah berkunjung ke blognya leni bukan???? Click

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