Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 8, 2006

Here there be pirates!


Yes, yes, the newest Disney movie concerning the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow is out in theaters this weekend (for a bit of the surreal, see real Johnny Depp vs. Animatronic Johnny Depp by clicking play above), but I’m talking about the local swashbucklers.

This Saturday, the Seafair Pirates will make their annual landing at Alki Beach in West Seattle to pillage and plunder. So get your little ones out there in their finest Piratical Duds, and be there by noon to enjoy the festical atmosphere and pirate games.

Seafair Pirate Landing Commercial | (requires Windows Media Player)
Saturday, July 8th
Noonish (the pirates are somewhat subject to the tides)
Alki Beach in West Seattle
(But get there early, parking can be a zoo)


  1. […] it’s that time of year again, time for that infamous crew of cutthroats, the Seafair Pirates, to make their landing at Alki […]

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